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If you are in the GCC, you sure would have tasted Almarai products. Almarai is the largest integrated dairy foods company in the world. The name derives from the Arabic word for Pasture. As the slogan goes “Quality You can Trust”, this renowned company that is headquartered in Riyadh provides nutritious food and beverages that enrich the daily lives of us consumers.

The production line comprises a wide variety of products the whole family can enjoy! These include Dairy liquids, Yoghurts, Desserts, Juices, Bakery, Poultry, Food and Infant formula milk powder.

The company, also known for supporting community organizations and charities offers excellent opportunities for prospective employees.

For your Information, Almarai even organize visits to their Farm and Factories. Get ready for a long drive! It’s located in Al Kharj, some 100 kms from the capital of Riyadh and yeah, what you finally get to see there is just remarkable!

Here are few of the farm and factory shots I captured during my visit.

The tour showcased state-of-the-art facilities.

The equipment’s, presentation, maintenance and the care taken to manufacture each product leaves one in awe!

Again, In addition to the processing plants Almarai has the largest and most technologically advanced dairy farms in the region, and is acclaimed as the first dairy farm in the world to receive the ISO 9002 award!

These black-and-white splotched Holstein beauties produce an average of more than 13,000 liters of milk every year which is almost double the yield of the Jersey cattle favored by European dairies.

A number tag is affixed to the ear of each cow which is scanned by computerized systems as they enter the milking parlor. The milking is then done fully automatically and under extreme hygienic conditions.

Not to mention, the high yielding cows are sheltered beneath open sided metallic sheds where misting sprays and fans are used to control the heat and moisture constantly. One has to agree that the care taken to maintain these farms in the middle of the scorching dessert is simply spectacular!

All in all no doubt, made to the highest quality standards and always deliciously fresh, Almarai products are the Best and I’m glad to have witnessed the whole scene behind! For those of you interested in touring Almarai, click here to register!

Be sure to visit their Facebook page too where lucky draws are conducted every month! Simply register to participate.

Phone: 966 1 4700005
Fax: 966 1 4701555
Careers: Almarai Company Careers

Almarai English Documentary 2012

P.S: The author has no commercial interest in any of the companies mentioned.
The information is as up-to-date as possible at the time of writing.

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  1. Dear Anita,

    Really great article.

    Maamoun Yafi

  2. Thank You Maamoun, I Appreciate the feedback :)

  3. can u please let me know if there r job oppurtunities for dietician in Almarai?

  4. For employment opportunities please register at

  5. thanks for the great info.but can you please give me further contacts into almarai for a family visit because i have been trying to contact the PR at the above mentioned contacts and e mail to regestir a visit but no response from almaraie me and my children are on short visit to riyad would really appriciate if this visit cuould materialize bfore i leave riyadh

  6. A delay in the response is expected due to the large number of requests they receive each day. To get an early response it’s best to apply as a group, say 30 or more. I visited Almarai through the ACR Group. Visit for more events in Riyadh. Enjoy your stay!

  7. This blurb for the company is another something to be really proud of. Yey! I work with them.


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